Industry Advisory Board

IFPO Interactive developed an advisory board with subject matter experts (SME) and psychometricians to augment the knowledge, understanding, and strategic thinking of each certification. IFPO Interactive leverages their experience, expertise, insight, technology, real-life scenarios, and global security around the world.  The board of subject matter experts strengthens the content and value of each certification:

  • Sandi Davies, Executive Director IFPO, Mount Royal College 
  • Herbert G. Williams Jr., MBA, B.S., Criminal Justice, Retired Police Detective
  • Dr. Loran Lewis, Ph.D., Journalism-Mass Communications, Editor
  • Dr. Kyle Ward, Ph.D., Management and Organizational Leadership, B.S. Criminal Justice, Lt. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Critical Incident Response Team, Retired Army
  • Kristen L. Buddenbaum, M.S. Emergency Management & Homeland Security, New Jersey Forest Fire Incident Management Team and Department of Transportation Planner for the Office of Emergency Management
  • Crystal L Stueve, M.A. Journalism – Mass Communication, B.A. Intelligence Management, Sergeant US Army Reserves Intelligence Officer, Los Angeles Regional Criminal Information Clearinghouse  
  • Jamie Gauthier, M.S. Criminal Justice Leadership, MBA, and B.S. Criminal Justice, Criminal Investigator Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office
  • Pete King, M.S. Forensic Science, and Psychology, B.S. Criminal Justice, Retired Master Sergeant the United States Air Force
  • Ashley Williams, M.S. Biological Science, B.S. Veterinary Science, Central Arizona Valley Institute of Technology
  • Boyd Baumgartner, B.S. Biology, Latent Print Examiner King County Sheriff’s Office