Certification Assessments

Certification Assessments

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NOTE: IFPO does not require individuals to complete the course in order to take the certification exam.  Any individual who feels he or she has the experience or knowledge and meets the prerequisites may challenge the exam. After applying to take the final assessment, you will be asked to provide proof that you meet the prerequisites for the challenge.
There are 2 Types of Testing Methods


METHOD 1 - Secured Qualified Proctor (No Additional Fee)

Program candidates must identify and secure a qualified individual to serve as an exam Proctor. The Exam Proctor will oversee the examination process ensuring the highest level of integrity and honesty is maintained throughout this process.

To qualify as a proctor, the individual must meet one of the qualifications listed below.

  • Supervisor
  • General Manager
  • President/Vice-President or Officer of an organization or company
  • Certified Security Trainer
  • Military testing site
  • Military Educational Officer
  • Law Enforcement Officer
  • Member of a Professional Security Association
  • Member of a recognized Policing Organization
  • Librarian
  • Dean, Academic Department Head, or Official Testing Service of an Accredited University or College
  • Certified Protection Professional
  • Certified Protection Officer
  • Certified Fraud Examiner
  • Loss Prevention Certified (LPC)
  • Human Resource Officer
  • Corporate Instructor
  • Staff Development Officer
  • Member of the Clergy
  • University/College Faculty Member
  • Official Learning/Tutoring Centers
  • Other (specify):_________________________ must receive permission

Note: Individuals not eligible to participate as a proctor regardless of position/title, include personal relatives or friends and anyone whose personal association with the candidate is clearly biased and may compromise the integrity of the proctored examination.

METHOD 2 - Online Proctoring (Additional $30 fee) - A monitored online examination delivery with identity verification and video recording. Using your computer or webcam with an internet connection, students can take a proctored exam online conveniently and affordable. 


  • To achieve a higher level of exam integrity, exam-takers are required to present current, government-issued photo identification.
  • Utilizing photo identification and proctoring system confirms authorized access to the participant prior to starting the proctored exam online.
  • The candidate’s operating system and browser are locked down during the test, preventing unauthorized access to Internet content and other computer-based resources.
  • Remote access must be granted by the user prior to the start of the exam, which may be taken from virtually anywhere in the world.
  • No software installation is necessary for the applicant to take a test, only access to the Internet and a web camera.

The Additional fee of $30 and must be paid prior to the exam being scheduled.  The fee will automatically be added at checkout if you choose this option in the drop down above.