Certified Critical Incident Protection Assessment/Exam

Certified Critical Incident Protection Assessment/Exam

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The Certified Critical Incident Protection certification is designed to show that the candidate has mastery level knowledge, skills and abilities in emergency management, along with planning and responding to an incident through National Incident Management System (NIMS), National Preparedness System (NPS), National Preparedness Goal (NPG), Incident Command System (I-100 & 200), and the National Response Framework (NRF) along with their Essential Support Functions and their roles.  Certified Critical Incident Protection is the foundation for all positions within Homeland Security.  

This certification assessment is approved by the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs State Approving Agency 

Course and Certification Prerequisites

  • 1 or more years of service in a criminal justice, security or similar capacity
  • At least 18 years of age
  • High school diploma or equivalent

NOTE: IFPO does not require individuals to complete any course in order to sit for the certification exam.  Any individual who feels he or she has the experience or knowledge and meets the prerequisites may challenge the exam. After applying to take the final assessment, you will be asked to provide proof that you meet the prerequisites for the challenge

Candidates who successfully pass the certification assessment will hold a valid credential for two years from the date of issue.